What you have to know about our dreadlocks! General information about dreadlocks

In our texts the terms dreads and dreadlocks are used as synonym. How do you know which type of dreads fits you best? Take a look at 'Which Dread suits me'.

Double and single ended dreadsThe difference between double and single ended dreads

All of our dreadlocks are double dreads.

In the picture you see the double dreads on the left side and on the right side the single ended dreadlocks.

Basically, double dreads consist of two dreads connected by a special connection.

The length of the double dread is the length per dread. For example, when the individual dread is 50 cm/20 inch, the double dread is 100 cm/40 inch.

If you install 1 double dread, you will in fact have 2!

Middle piece attachment point of the dreadlock

Middle piece attachment point of the dreadlock

All our double dreadlocks have a special attachment point in the middle.

Because of this middle piece you won’t have thick weaves on top, but fine weaves. This gives you a better look.

Here you see a picture of the attachment piece of a lightweight dreadlock.

How often can the dreads be used?

Our dreadlocks are of good quality and therefore you can wear them more than once. The Thin Dreads will get more fluffy while wearing them, this will make your look more natural though. Both the Thick Dreads will get looser while wearing them. If you don’t like this side effect you can easily steam them to make them tighter.

Material of the dreadlocks

All of our dreadlocks are made of high quality synthetic hair. Because of this and the minimal weight the dreadlocks are easy and beautiful to wear.

How our dreadlocks are made

All of our dreads are handmade, therefore all our dreadlocks are of high quality.