Dreadshop is a company where you can find a lot of products for Synthetic Dreads or for your Real Dreadlocks. Dreadshop has developed a couple of merchandise products!
Fun to give as a present, but also to use yourself!
Will you soon drink a cup of tea or coffee from one of our Dreadshop Mugs? Or will you use our linen bag to put your dreads or dreadstuff in?
In this category you can find all of our merchandise!

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  1. Dreadshop Linen Bag
    Dreadshop Linen Bag
    37,99 kr
  2. Dreadshop Mug
    Dreadshop Mug
    111,99 kr
  3. Opbevarings æske
    Opbevarings æske
    93,99 kr

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