Syntetiske Dreads

Syntetiske Dreads. Nemt at flette i og harmløse for dit hår! Genanvendelig og vil vare i årevis!

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  1. Renate's Locks of Love
    Renate's Locks of Love
    Fra 483,99 kr
  2. Thin Renate's Locks of Love
    Thin Renate's Locks of Love
    Fra 594,99 kr
  3. Color Ring Locks of Love
    Color Ring Locks of Love
    929,99 kr
  4. 6 Thick Dreads
    6 Thick Dreads
    Fra 112,99 kr
  5. Dreads Mystery Box
    Dreads Mystery Box
    Fra 297,99 kr

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Do you want to purchase the best synthetic dreads to complete your look? At Dreadshop you will find the best synthetic dreadlocks that are made from high-quality materials. In our range you will find different types of synthetic dreads, in various colors. The color combinations used are unique in their kind and all composed by our team. Not a single dread consists of one hair color, but is a mix of different shades to create the most natural dreadlock possible. The ombré colors, for example, also consist of uniquely mixed color tones. Take a look at our different synthetic dreadlocks and find the dreads that suit you best!

The best synthetic dreads to create a natural look

Our synthetic dreads are characterized by their loose ends that provide the most natural look. We definitely wanted to add loose ends to our synthetic hair extensions, since real dreads also have loose ends. We got a lot of questions about this in the past, which made us decide that the Locks of Love should have these kind of ends as well. In addition, the dreadlocks are lightweight and thus very comfortable to wear. Despite that, they still have a nice volume!

Available in different lengths

Our best synthetic dreads are available in different lengths. Do you want to purchase thin, short dreads? Or would you like to wear long dreadlocks? We offer both long and short dreads in various weights. New in our range are the 70 cm (or 29 inch) dreads. This hair length is also known as the bum length. These long dreadlocks are a really nice addition to our collection to which we have received a lot of positive reactions already.

Easy to install and to take out

How to install your dreadlocks and take out your synthetic dreads in the best way possible? There are several, easy techniques you can use to braid the dreadlocks into your hair. 
The synthetic hair extensions are made for temporary wear. You can wear them for 2-3 months. After this time period it is recommended to take them out. Did you really enjoy your dreads? Since our synthetic dreads are made from the best materials, they are reusable many times.

Taking care of your dreadlocks

How to take care of your synthetic dreadlocks as best as possible? Taking care of your hair extension is in fact very simple. In our range you will find various products from our favorite brands: Dollylocks and Raw Roots. These products are based on natural ingredients and will help you to take care of your dreads. Besides hair care products, we also offer various accessories that will upgrade your look even more!

Create the most beautiful hairstyles

Have you taken a closer look at our dreads collection and have you figured out what synthetic dreadlocks you like best? Place them in your shopping cart and finish your order! In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Fill out our contact form or contact us on social media. We will get back to you as soon as possible!