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With the use of a SpiraLock you will complete your Dread look!

SpiraLocks was founded at a kitchen table in 2011 by Peta and Helen. They make colorful, bendable dread ties that shape your dreads into any desired shape. Both ladies started developing the product because they couldn't find anything that would really hold their dreads together.

Since 2017, the company has helped underprivileged women in the remote village of Gunu, Fiji by giving them a job to make SpiraLocks. With this, Peta and Helen provide employment and the villagers can invest in their future with the money they earn.

From the first moment that we were introduced to SpiraLocks at Dreadshop, we were impressed by the Australian company. A further collaboration between Dreadshop and SpiraLocks was therefore logical to us.

Dreadshop has been the European Distributor of SpiraLocks from 1 May 2020.

Because the SpiraLocks are developed in different sizes, a SpiraLock always fits around your Dreadlocks.

A Spiralock is a bendable band with which you can always create the desired tightness with a ponytail, bun or other updo.

In our range you will find different, unique designs that change regularly.

With the purchase of your SpiraLock you support the underprivileged women in Fiji!

40cm for Thin to Medium Dreads or newly formed Real Dreads
50cm for Medium to Thick Dreads or young matured Real Dreads
60cm for Thick Dreads. The extra length is also great for creating fancy updos.
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