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  1. Custom Accent Dreads 70-75 cm
    Custom Accent Dreads 70-75 cm
    892,99 kr
  2. Custom Accent Dreads 50-55cm
    Custom Accent Dreads 50-55cm
    854,99 kr
  3. Double Dreadset 2 lengths
    Double Dreadset 2 lengths
    3.718,06 kr Normalpris 4.014,99 kr
  4. Double Dreadset 70-75cm
    Double Dreadset 70-75cm
    3.867,04 kr Normalpris 4.163,99 kr
  5. Double Dreadset 50-55cm
    Double Dreadset 50-55cm
    3.569,08 kr Normalpris 3.865,99 kr
  6. CYO Complete Dreadset 70-75cm
    CYO Complete Dreadset 70-75cm
    2.825,59 kr Normalpris 3.065,99 kr
  7. CYO Complete Dreadset 50-55cm
    CYO Complete Dreadset 50-55cm
    2.676,61 kr Normalpris 2.916,99 kr
  8. DIY Accent Set 70-75cm
    DIY Accent Set 70-75cm
    632,83 kr Normalpris 669,99 kr
  9. DIY Accent Set 50-55cm
    DIY Accent Set 50-55cm
    594,88 kr Normalpris 631,99 kr
  10. Ash Blonde 50-55cm
    Ash Blonde 50-55cm
    1.933,28 kr Normalpris 2.088,99 kr
  11. Rusty Pink 70-75cm
    Rusty Pink 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  12. Vivid Blonde 50-55cm
    Vivid Blonde 50-55cm
    1.933,28 kr Normalpris 2.088,99 kr
  13. Wild Ocean 70-75cm
    Wild Ocean 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  14. Vivid Blonde 70-75cm
    Vivid Blonde 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  15. Em it's Em 50-55cm
    Em it's Em 50-55cm
    1.933,28 kr Normalpris 2.088,99 kr
  16. Dark Chocolate 50-55cm
    Dark Chocolate 50-55cm
    1.933,28 kr Normalpris 2.088,99 kr
  17. Sand Storm 50-55cm
    Sand Storm 50-55cm
    1.933,28 kr Normalpris 2.088,99 kr
  18. Hint of Gold 70-75cm
    Hint of Gold 70-75cm
    2.750,94 kr Normalpris 2.980,99 kr
  19. Sand Storm 70-75cm
    Sand Storm 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  20. Thin | Dark Blonde 70-75cm
    Thin | Dark Blonde 70-75cm
    2.527,94 kr Normalpris 2.757,99 kr
  21. Hazelnut Dream 70-75cm
    Hazelnut Dream 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  22. Caramel Twist 70-75cm
    Caramel Twist 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  23. Go Ginger 50-55cm
    Go Ginger 50-55cm
    1.933,28 kr Normalpris 2.088,99 kr
  24. Midnight 70-75cm
    Midnight 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  25. Natural Ocean 70-75cm
    Natural Ocean 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  26. Go Ginger 70-75cm
    Go Ginger 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  27. Em it's Em 70-75cm
    Em it's Em 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  28. Grandma Grey 70-75cm
    Grandma Grey 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  29. Touch of Plum 70-75cm
    Touch of Plum 70-75cm
    2.750,94 kr Normalpris 2.980,99 kr
  30. Maroon 70-75cm
    Maroon 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  31. Thin | Grandma Ombré 70-75 cm
    Thin | Grandma Ombré 70-75 cm
    2.527,94 kr Normalpris 2.757,99 kr
  32. Red Maple 70-75cm
    Red Maple 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  33. Dark Blonde 70-75cm
    Dark Blonde 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  34. Bittersweet Chocolate 70-75cm
    Bittersweet Chocolate 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  35. Hidden Ash 70-75cm
    Hidden Ash 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  36. Split Gingerash 70-75cm
    Split Gingerash 70-75cm
    2.082,26 kr Normalpris 2.237,99 kr
  37. Accent Dreads Lavender Em
    Accent Dreads Lavender Em
    780,99 kr
  38. DIY Hairwrap
    DIY Hairwrap
    Fra 96,99 kr
  39. Accent Dreads Nude
    Accent Dreads Nude
    817,99 kr
  40. Accent Dreads Golden Blush
    Accent Dreads Golden Blush
    817,99 kr
  41. Accent Dreads Muddy
    Accent Dreads Muddy
    780,99 kr
  42. Accent Dreads Natural Twist
    Accent Dreads Natural Twist
    817,99 kr
  43. Accent Dreads Grey
    Accent Dreads Grey
    780,99 kr
  44. Accent Dreads Ginger Drop
    Accent Dreads Ginger Drop
    817,99 kr
  45. Accent Dreads Autumn Storm
    Accent Dreads Autumn Storm
    743,99 kr
  46. Accent Dreads Plum
    Accent Dreads Plum
    817,99 kr
  47. Accent Dreads Teal Time
    Accent Dreads Teal Time
    780,99 kr
  48. Accent Dreads Em
    Accent Dreads Em
    669,99 kr
  49. DIY Decoration Set
    DIY Decoration Set
    Fra 185,99 kr

Varer 1-49 af 49

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You will find the best Dreadsets at Dreadshop!

To give you some more inspiration in cool color combinations, we have put together Dreadsets! That will make the choice of color a lot easier for you! We have several photos of each set that shows which set you will receive. Dreadshop.com offers you Dreadsets of high quality for a good price. With a simple click of your mouse you can quickly and efficiently order a new Dreadset including various Dreadlock accessories. We have enough Dreadsets to choose from!

Different Dreadsets for both men and women

You will find high quality dreadsets at Dreadshop.com. We have a very extensive range of Dreadsets for both men and women.

There are many different types of Dreadsets available with a variety of colors. You will find Dreadsets with natural tones, but also Dreadsets with a bit more color.
The range regularly expandes with new colors of Dreadsets.

Beautiful and strong products of high quality are used for our Dread extensions. For the Synthetic Dreads we use Synthetic Hair without chemical coating. We also ship our products without plastic as much as possible.

The Dreadsets consist of Double Ended Dreads and / or Single Ended Dreads

Our Dreadsets, consisting of the Renate's Locks of Love, consist of Double Ended Dreads and / or Single ended Dreads. If you order a Dreadset for a full head, you will receive a combination of Double Ended and Single Ended Dreadlocks. When you choose an Accent Set you will receive a pimped Dreadset with mainly Single Ended Dreads.

We have the perfect Dreadsets!

In search of the Perfect Dreadlock, I traveled to China in early 2019, to create a Dreadlock for you that you have never worn before. That worked; meet Renate’s Locks of Love!

Renate’s Locks of Love is a high quality Dreadlock, unmatched good. Because of the material used, but also because of the method with which the dreadlock is made. The colors used are all unique in their kind and all composed by me. No dread consists only of one hair color, but is a mix with different color tones to create the most natural Dreadlock possible. The Ombré colors also consist of uniquely mixed color shades.

All Dreadsets have unique colors

The Dreadsets that you will find in our range consist of the Renate's Locks of Love. These Dreads all have unique colors, because these colors are a mix of different color tones.

Thanks to my many years of experience in working with Synthetic Dreads, I can say like no other which combinations are often chosen. That is why you will find an extensive range of Dreadsets with many different colors and lengths at Dreadshop.com!