Dreadshop har udviklet flere onlinekurser siden 2019. Med vores videoer kan du lære alt omkring syntetiske dreads og ægte dreads. Vælg det kursus, der passer til dig!

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  1. Student Kit Real Dreads
    Student Kit Real Dreads
    4.463,62 kr Normalpris 4.789,99 kr
  2. Dreadshop VIP Club
    Dreadshop VIP Club
    252,99 kr
  3. Installing Course + Toolkit
    Installing Course + Toolkit
    893,04 kr Normalpris 1.022,99 kr
  4. Maintenance Course + Toolkit
    Maintenance Course + Toolkit
    893,12 kr Normalpris 1.011,99 kr
  5. DIY Accent Set
    DIY Accent Set
    513,99 kr
  6. Do It Yourself Hairwrap
    Do It Yourself Hairwrap
    215,99 kr
  7. Student Kit
    Student Kit
    2.967,99 kr

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You can find creative courses at Dreadshop

Dreadshop has developed several online courses in recent years. You can choose from different courses. Choose the course that suits you!

Do you want to get creative? Then choose the Making Hairwrap course or the Making Accent Set course. Do you also want to start your company in Synthetic Dreadlocks? Then choose our very extensive course to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlock Stylist.

Course to Professional Synthetic Dreadlocks Stylist

Dreadshop has a worldwide network and every day we receive questions from people all over the world. That is why Dreadshop has developed a course. In this course we guide you to become a Professional Synthetic Dreadlocks Stylist. We teach you how to make high-quality Dreadlocks, you learn everything about the use of Synthetic Dreads with different techniques. We will teach you everything about marketing, photography and much more. After completing this course you can start your own Salon in Synthetic Dreadlocks. And you will be added to our global network so that we can recommend our customers to you.

Course on using Synthetic Dreads on yourself

You have received a super nice Dreadset, but how can you best use it for yourself? How do you make a good division and how can you divide the double dreads and the single dreads properly? We will show you all this in our course. Step by step, we will show you how to make a good division and how you can use your Synthetic Dreads yourself. After following these videos you can wear your beautiful bunch of Dreads!

I will show you in the course how can you can maintain your Dreads yourself

Maintaining Real Dreads is extremely important to develop beautiful and sleek Dreadlocks. But how exactly do you do this?
In the course “how can I maintain my Dreads myself” I will show you step by step how you can do this yourself. For example, I will show you how to maintain your regrowth and how to get loose hair neatly tucked away in your Dreadlocks. I explain which Dread Tools are needed for maintaining Real Dreads and what exactly they are needed for.
Do you suffer from Loops and / or Bumps? I'll show you how to get rid of these properly. And we will give you handy tips on how you can neatly maintain your Dreads yourself on the back of your head.

Make your own Hairwrap

Do you like to get creative? Then choose the DIY Hairwrap course. In this course we will show you step by step how to make a beautiful Hairwrap yourself that you can wear as an accessory together with your Dreadlocks.
In our range you will find ready-made sets that we offer you with which you can make your own Hairwrap.

Make your own Accent Set

One of our most popular products are the Accent Sets! But what could be more fun if you can make and develop it yourself? You can develop the Accent Sets completely to your own style!
In our course we show you how to pimp your Dreads with yarn, beads and / or charms. There are different techniques you can use for pimping with the dreads and the yarn, we will show you all of them.
After completing this course you will have a beautiful set with pimped dreads! In our assortment you can find ready-made decorating sets that you can use for pimping your Dreads.