Challenge; Half / Partial Head 70-75cm

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Tilpas Challenge; Half / Partial Head 70-75cm
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Challenge; Half / Partial Head 70-75cm
Challenge; Half / Partial Head 70-75cm

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1.636,17 kr


    Decorate your own Dreads and then install them yourself? You will succeed and I will help you!

    Will you take on this challenge with me? You will need this Complete Set if you want to (partially) wear Partial Dreadlocks.

    In this set you will receive two bundles of Renate's Locks of Love, this is sufficient for part of the head (usually the neck). You will receive two bundles with Single ended Dreads. You can create the color combination yourself by choosing your favorite colors.

    These Dreads are of very high quality and the Synthetic hair from which these Dreads are made does not contain a chemical coating. The loose tips of these Synthetic Dreads give a beautiful, natural look.

    You will also receive the installing kit. This kit contains all the necessary tools for using the Dreads. We use these tools in the challenge, so you will soon know exactly what you need for what.

    You will also receive all the care products you need for the care of your dreads, your hair and your scalp. It is important that you enjoy wearing your Dreads, good care should not be missing ofcourse!

    And you will receive a Decoration set in the color of your choice. Pimping your dreads with different types of yarn, beads and / or charms is also part of the challenge, so choose your favorite color for your own Dreadset.

    Did you order the set? Send your order number to and you will get access to the challenge! And in this challenge I will teach you everything about pimping your dreads and installing the dreads!

    Would you rather go for a full head with Dreads? Click here to order the Full Set for the challenge.

    * This set can only be returned in its entirety including accessories. It is not possible to return it partially.

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