Care Kit Synthetics

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Care Kit Synthetics
Care Kit Synthetics

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    For optimal care of your Synthetic Dreads, choose our care kit!

    Proper care of your Synthetic Dreads and your scalp is extremely important. That is why we have put together a care kit especially for you!

    When you order this care kit you will receive from us:

    Renate’s Locks of Love Spray Shampoo or Dollylocks Spray Shampoo in Dreadshop fragrance, this shampoo has been especially developed for Synthetic Dreads. The shampoo provides a wonderfully fresh feeling and it calms your scalp.

    The Spray Shampoo is very easy to use and because it is already quite thin, the shampoo is also super easy to rinse.

    And you will receive a nice Refreshening Spray from Dollylocks. The spray contains pure, natural extracts that give your scalp and Dreads a fresh feeling. With this spray you give your scalp optimal care. You can choose one of the different scents.

    Are you having Synthetic dreads for the first time? Then we recommend a more extensive care package, which you can order here.

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