1. How do I compose my own Dreadset?

    How do I compose my own Dreadset?

    Where do you start when choosing the Dreadset that suits you best? At Dreadshop we have different types of Dreads in our range, so start by choosing which type of Dread is most suitable for you. Within the existing Dread styles that we offer, there is a choice in different lengths and colors. This also applies for what suits you best. In this blog we try to help you make the right choice.

  2. Can I compose my own Accent Set?

    We sell Accent Sets in our webshop since 2019. We compose new Accent Sets on a regular basis to give you more inspiration in colors and combinations. Of course it can be the case that the colors that suit you are not available in these Accent Sets, that’s why I want to explain to you how you can compose an Accent set yourself. How many Synthetic Dreads do I need? Depending on how much volume Read more...
  3. What is a Dreadlock Accent Set

    What is a Dreadlocks Accent Set exactly?

    Super fun those Dreadlock Accent Dreads Sets, but what it is exactly?

    In this blog I’m happy to explain to you what an Accent Set is and how you can use these.

    To inspire our clients more we sell Accent Setson our website since 2019. And from the start these Accent Sets are immensely popular! Because of that we try to change the assortment of Accent Sets on a regular basis. All the Accent sets are Limited Editions.



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