Real Dreads with Extensions

Is your dream to have long Dreadlocks right from the start?
Have your Dreadlocks extented is the perfect way to go!
The minimum hairlength for this is 6 inch / 15 cm and we can make the Dreadlocks as long as you wish!

We work with our own developed method, which means we do sectioning with squares and triangles, backcomb your hair and crochet your Dreads tight. We then apply loose Human Hair and weave it in to your Dreadlocks.
With this method you've got high quality Dreadlocks, right from the start!

Time frame: around 10-26 hours for a full head.

Price €85 per hour, + the cost of the Human Hair.

When the installing takes 7 hours or longer the hour price is €80.

When the installing takes 14 hours or longer the hour price is €75.

For a price estimation you can send us a message with your wishes: