How to install Partial Synthetic Dreads on yourself

Do you want to use your Synthetic, Partial Dreads yourself? Then I can help you! With the access to my videos I show you how you can easily use your Dreads yourself.

This online course in which I explain how to use Synthetic Dreads in yourself consists of several videos. Step by step I am going to show you the process of applying your Dreads. We start with good preparation. Then I will show you the technique you can use for installing your Dreads.

And of course I will show you step by step how to make a perfect division of the compartments.

The use of Partial Dreads can be done in different ways. This is completely dependent on your own wishes. That is why I have added an extra BONUS video in which I show another division, so that you can choose which division suits you.

I also added an extra BONUS video in which the Dreads are used on a manikin. Here I use more Dreadlocks so that you can keep this division if you want more Dreadlocks.

Have you ordered a Complete Partial Dread set? Then you will receive free access to my course. Send your order number to and we will give you access.

* the videos are spoken and / or subtitled in English

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