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We are open on:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and sometimes on Saturday

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Below you will find an overview of available appointments in the salon:

Available appointments with our Dutch affiliate Amarens:*
For installing Synthetic Dreads:
27 okt 9.30h
28 okt 11.00h (partial dreads)

Available appointments with Diane:
For installing Synthetic Dreads, Real Dreads and Real Dreads Maintenance:


9 jan 13.00h
10 jan 13.30h
12 jan 13.30h
17 jan 13.00h
19 jan 9.30h and 13.30h
23 jan 13.00h
24 jan 9.30h and 13.30h
26 jan 9.30h and 13.30h
30 jan 13.00h
31 jan 9.30h and 13.30h

Dreadshop is closed December 26th until December 31st.

*Our affiliates have followed and completed our Professional Dreadlock course, and work with the same techniques. The appointment will take place in our salon in Roelofarendsveen.

We're located:

De Lasso-Zuid 15 B
2371 EV Roelofarendsveen

Dreadshop Salon