Together with my team we organize a Dreadshop Day!

Daniëlle, Diane, Emilie and I are present all day! Are you also coming to our Meet & Greet?
We are available all day to answer dread related questions!
Do you have issues with your dreads? Or do you have issues with your scalp? We are there for you to answer your questions and give you professional advice.


Do you find it difficult to choose the right color (s) for your dreads via the website? Then come along for professional color advice. We are there for you to put together the perfect Dread set! And there are even exclusive discounts on the Thin Dreads, Duo Thin Dreads, Thick Dreads, Crochet Dreads and Real Appearing Dreads! Discounts that you do not get in the webshop:

Thin Dreads, Thin Transitional Dreads & Thick Dreads:

50 cm from € 20.99 for € 16.00 per pack
40 cm from € 19.99 for € 15.00 per pack
33 cm from € 18.99 for € 14.00 per pack

Medium Dreads

50 cm from € 24.99 for € 20.00

Real Appearing Dreads

50 cm from € 26.99 for € 19.00 per pack
40 cm from € 25.99 for € 18.00 per pack
33 cm from € 24.99 for € 17.00 per pack

Crochet Dreads

50 cm from € 39.99 for € 30.00

Workshop Making an Accent Set

During this Dreadshop Day there is also a workshop for making an Accent Set.

There are various materials available that you can use to pimp your dreads, such as yarn, beads and charms.
We will show you how you can attach the yarn, beads and / or charms to the dreads.

You can put together an Accent set yourself with Thin Dreads, Thick Dreads or Real Appearing Dreads, for just € 35. You can choose which length you want and which color (s) you want to use! We are of course present to help you make the right color choice!

Eventually you go home with a super cool Accent Set, made by yourself! How cool is that ?! Or even cooler! We install the set for FREE for you! Reserve your spot by sending an email to

Workshop making a Dreadfall

During this day we will also give a workshop in which you can make a Dreadfall yourself. You can choose from a Dreadfall with Thin Dreads, a Dreadfall with Thick Dreads or a Dreadfall with Thick and Thin Dreads. Together we can see which color (s) you like and what fits well with your own hair color.

For only € 65 you can design your own, perfect Dreadfall!

Do you want beautiful photos of your new look? Emilie takes pictures for you before and after!

You can buy everything you can find in our webshop, but during this Dreadshop Day you will receive exclusive discounts on the above dreadlocks!

Are you coming too?

For FREE we install some loose dreads, or your self-composed Accent Set. Reservations for this are necessary.

When: Saturday, November 30, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where: Dreadshop, De Lasso-Zuid 15 B in Roelofarendsveen

You can register at 

Will we see you then?

-X- Renate and Dreadshop team

Dreadshop Meet & Greet