Choose a shorter length of Dreads and possibly less volume or start with Partial Dreads

When you are completely new to the world of Dreadlocks, there are often a lot of doubts. What do you do, which choice is the best, what exactly suits you. If you are going for Real Dreads, I have some tips for you.

Choose a shorter length of Dreads

When you are going to have Real Dreads installed, do not have them set directly in Bum length, but choose an average length of, for example, 40-50 cm.
Not only the length can make a difference, but also the weight. When you get Dreads for the first time you really have to get used to the weight, then an average length is much more pleasant.
In addition, you can also tie shorter dreads more easily in a bun, ponytail or braid

In the first year your Real Dreads can shrink a bit, it doesn't happen very often, but it is possible, because of this they become slightly shorter. But in the end your own hair will continue to grow so your Dreads will also be longer. You can therefore let your Dreads grow to a very long length. Then you gradually get used to the weight and length of the Dreads.

And, if you start with a shorter length, you can always have your dreads lengthened later! Then you will be more used to it, and your scalp too, and it will be more pleasant.

First start with Partial Dreads

It is also a lot of fun to start with Partial Dreads. You wear Dreads in a part of the hair (usually in the neck). More information about Partial Dreads can be found here.
It is of course also possible to extend your Partial Dreads with Human Hair. And if you like your Dreads, you can always have Dreads installed in the rest of your hair.
Many customers start with Partial Dreads and gradually grow to a full (er) head with Dreads, which is super fun!

Prepare yourself well

Good preparation is half the job! Here you can find the best way to prepare for Real Dreads.

How do I take care of my Real Dreads?

When you have Real Dreads installed for the first time, it is important to read all information about the care of Real Dreads. You can find this information here.

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-X- Renate