Help, my dreads frizz!

You have installed or have someone let install your Synthetic Dreads, but loose hairs keep shedding and there are forming little dots of hair on your dreads. Why is this happening? And what can you do about this? All this you can read in this blog.

There are loose hairs falling off of my dreads

When your dreads are freshly installed they can shed some loose hairs.
Especially with the thin dreads this is likely to happen. This is nothing to be worried about.
Wearing the dreads and using elastics to attach your dreads can cause some loose hairs, these will eventually fall off of your dreads. This will be mostly in the first 1-2 weeks. After that you might lose some hair, but a lot less.There is not much you can do about this, but wait until this fase passes.
It is not damaging your dreads and doesn’t change the quality of your dreads, so it’s nothing to worry about!

Dots of hair on your dreads

When you’re wearing your dreads a while, it is possible there are little dots of hair attached to your dreads. These are loose dread hairs that have piled up. This is also nothing to worry about. It is important that you don’t use scissors to cut these off. When you cut too much hair of the dread, these can start to unravel en that is not what you want. You can carefully pull the dots from your dreads. After this you can twist the remaining loose hairs around your dreads.

Enjoy wearing your dreads!