Dyeing my Synthetic Dreads, is that possible?

In short; No.
Hair dye is made for real hair. Because of this the dye can not attach properly to the fabric of the synthetic hair that the dreads are made of. This means that the dye will not or barely ‘hold’ on to the synthetic hair. The dye can not adhere and because of that you will rinse the Dreads (almost) clean after dyeing.

What can I do to get a different color of Dreads?

You can dye synthetic dreads with a special paint for synthetic textile. We do not offer this in our assortment and therefore we have no experience with this. So in this we can not guarantee that the end result will be what you wanted.

How do I get my Dreads blended or partially in a different color?

If you are somewhat creative you can (partially) change the color of almost all the Dreads. Your dreads will become a little heavier and/or thicker, but you can add all colors you want with Kanekalon or Henlon Hair.
You can backcomb strands of Kanekalon Hair and wrap it around the Dreadlocks. If you then crochet it with a crochet hook in a couple of places, it will stay on the dread. After crocheting the Kanekalon or Henlon Hair it is best to

 the Dreads. This way you kind of steam/seal the loose hairs onto your Dreads.