Head full of Dreads: how much weight am I carrying?

Are you wearing a head full of dreads? Then you’ve got some weight to carry. What should you take into account so this doesn’t bother you?

Gewichten dreads

Weight of each kind of dread

First of all, an overview of the weight of each kind of dread

Thin Dreads:
50 cm / 20 inch: 330 g / 11,6 oz
33 cm / 13 inch: 200 g / 7 oz
Thick Dreads:
50 cm / 20 inch: 350 g / 12,3 oz
33 cm / 13 inch: 200 g / 7 oz

Types of Dreads

The overview shows that the weight of the different kinds of dreads differ from each other. Especially the Single Ended Dreads are heavier than the other kinds of dreads. The Single Ended Dreads need very fine squares (when being installed) and because of this you’ll need more dreads than with other types of dreads. When you combine the Single Ended Dreads with a different kind of dread, you’ll have less weight to carry.

Amount of dreads

The more dreads you use, the heavier it is for your hair. Especially with thin(er) hair, it’s important to keep this in mind. In an earlier blog ‘How many dreads do I use’, we explain how many dreads you should use with each type of hair.

Length of the Dreads

The longer the dreads, the more weight you carry. A combination of different lengths can be fun. You could wear 50cm/ 19.7inch dreads on top and 40cm/15.7 inch dreads at the bottom. This way, your dreads will fall in layers, which gives a great effect! And you’ll carry less weight!

Which amount of weight should be on my head with a full head of dreads?

This is different for each person. Some people have thinner hair or a sensitive scalp, for these reasons it might be better to choose for a dread that is light in weight. Other people have thick hair and haven’t got a sensitive skin, they can take the extra weight. Our advice is therefore an average one. We base this on a normal thickness of hair which is undamaged and with a regular scalp.

Are you going to wear dreads for the first time? Choose a weight of no more than 400 gram/14 Ounce. When this doesn’t bother you, you can up this to a maximum of 500 gram/ 17,6 ounce. Heavier is possible, but not advised! Your hair will have to carry too much weight and this can become a problem.





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