How often can I wash my Real Dreads?

Washing your dreads is an important part of taking good care of your Real Dreads and keeping them clean! In an earlier Blog we’ve explained why it’s best to use a special shampoo for your Real Dreads. In a different Blog we’ve described different kinds of shampoo. With all of this knowledge, we’re only left with one question: how many often should I wash my Real Dreads?

Effect of washing your dreads

A natural Dread Shampoo will make sure your dreads will get clean but also that your hair will keep its rough structure so you can dread it. This is important in the dread process since nice, compact dreads are the goal!

The more you wash your dreads, the faster they’ll become greasy

Sound familiar? You start out with washing it once a week but your hair becomes greasy faster. You go to washing it twice a week, then three times a week and in the end you wash it daily. This can be caused by all sorts of added products in ‘regular’ shampoos and ‘regular’ care products. To prevent your dreads/hair from becoming greasy fast, it’s important to use a special dread shampoo, preferably one that only or mostly contains natural ingredients.  

Washing your dreads once a week is more than enough to keep them clean and well taken care off. When your hair is used to this, it won’t get greasy so fast anymore.

Conclusion: wash your dreadlocks once a week

Washing your dreadlocks once a week is enough. Of course this can be a personal preference. It’s not wrong to wash your dreads more or less often. It’s an average advise. Benefit from it if you like!

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