Help! I’ve got a rash on my scalp because of my dreads!

Lovely! Your dreads are put in and you are super happy about your new look! You can create all kinds of hairstyles and you are happy with your new, full head of hair. But then; you get a rash in your hairline, o no!

Rash in your hairline because of dreads

Most people have very little discomfort because of irritation or rash. But some people are more sensitive to it. It is possible that you get some red bumps in your hairline, this is in the edge of your hair (in your neck and next to your temple are the most sensitive spots).

These red bumps start on spots where the skin is more sensitive. This is because the dreads are put in very tight and there is a ‘strange’ material against your scalp. Your skin can react irritated. rash

What to do against this irritation?

Your skins reaction is normal. You don’t have to be worried about being allergic or oversensitive to dreads. Usually the rash goes away on it’s own. This will only take a couple of days. Does the rash continue longer? Or does it really bother you? Use a softening and caring cream like Calendula or Bepanthen. Burdock root, available at a drugstore, can also help. These products soften your skin and reduce any itching. Are you using a care or conditioning spray? No problem, but avoid the rash-spots. In many sprays, there is parfum added that can make the irritation worse.

No panic necessary, just enjoy your dreads!

Don’t worry about the rash if it is only in your hairline. This is a normal reaction from your skin and will usually go away within a couple of days. Just enjoy your dreads and keep creating hairstyles and looks!


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