How can I install my Synthetic dreads myself?

You can let a specialized salon install your dreads, but with the knowledge of the right techniques you can do this yourself! You can also ask someone for help, so you can do it together.

Installing dreads / Dreadlock-extensions, different techniques

There are different techniques you can use to install your dreads. Which technique will suit you is dependent on different factors.

First: do you choose single ended or double ended dreads? The install techniques for these two are different. Apart from that it depends on your hair length which technique will be better. Do you have short hair and do you use double ended dreads? Then you need to choose for the basic technique. Do you have longer hair and do you use double ended dreads? Then you should go for the ‘French Technique’ or the 'Fishtail Technique'. 

Installing double ended dreads on short or really long hair

Did you choose double ended dreads and you have short hair, then the right technique to use is the basic technique.

Do you have really long hair? Then choose dreads that are the same length as your own hair. Secure the dreads with the basic technique and add an elastic band after you’ve braided a small amount of hair. Leave the rest of your hair hanging down between your dreads. This will give a playful and natural effect.

Here you will see a video from the ‘Basic Technique’:


Installing double ended dreads on medium length hair

Did you choose double ended dreads and do you have medium length hair, choose the ‘French Technique’. Check out the video about the ‘French Technique’ here:

Or you can choose the 'Fishtail Technique', when you use this technique it will result in a shorter braid at the base of your dread. You can see how to use this technique in the following video: 

Installing single ended dreads

To install Single Ended Dreads you use a different technique. A Quick Beader Tool will come in handy when using this technique! In the video below you can see how the technique to install single ended dreads works.

Enthusiastic about installing your own Dreads?

Than order a set of Dreads here! Choose your own style and colours! Need some inspiration for a Dreadset? Check out these Dreadsets!

Getting a dread install in a salon

We wish you good luck with installing your own dreads!
If you don’t like the result then you can make an appointment with a special salon, don’t forget to bring your dreads!

Have fun with your dreadlocks!

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