How do I go about washing my synthetic dreads?

Maybe you could use some tips for washing your synthetic dreads. Well here they are! In a previous blog we describe how to take care of your synthetic dreads. In this blog we will give you a few additional pointers on how to wash your synthetic dreads and how to keep them pretty!

When do I have to wash my synthetic dreads for the first time?

If you have synthetic dreads installed it’s recommended not to make them wet.

Dready Spray ShampooWe advise to wash your dreads, after you’ve installed them, after 1 or 2 weeks of wearing them. You can use the Dready Spray Shampoo for example, it’s easy to use, you only have to spray it on your own hair and your dreads. You do not need to rub it in or divide it through your hair, this is not needed! The shampoo prevents the braids on the base of your dreads from getting frizzy and keeps your dreads pretty! This spray is also easy to rinse out of your hair, does not contain any ‘irritating’ chemicals and also leaves a nice fragrance.

After washing your dreads it will take a while before all your dreads will be dry, depending on the length and amount of dreads this can take up to a few hours.

Wrap your dreadlocks in a towel on your head after washing them, washing them will make them heavy and the dreads can eventually sag a little. You can prevent this by wrapping them in a towel and thus letting them dry on the top of your head. After around 15-30 minutes you can remove the towel and leave the dreads to air dry.

How frequent do I wash my dreads?

Wash your dreads up to once a week, less is even better! This will maintain the durability of your dreads and the braids on the base of your dreads will frizz less easy.

Showering without getting your dreads wet

Create a big bun using our XXL Double elastic on your head for instance and cover it up to prevent any water splashing onto your dreads with a Headband XL . Pay attention to your posture by bending your head forwards slightly while doing this so the dreads won’t catch any water.

XXL Double Elastic

 Headband XL

How do I treat my dreads in the summer or when I work out?

Tilt your head forwards slightly and rinse only your scalp with water. The perspiration will wash away, using this technique will prevent your synthetic dreads from getting soaked. Besides using this technique keep in mind to wash your dreads(as described before) around once a week.

Keeping your fake dreads fresh

Refreshening SprayEspecially in the summer, after working out or when you wear a beanie a lot we recommend you to use a care spray. In our range we present various care sprays, these sprays do not only take care of your dreads but also your scalp!

Do you have wool dreads? Wring your dreads well after showering, wool dreads suck up more water than synthetic dreads.

Do you have synthetic dreads? The water will drip off through the end of your dreads. It’s recommended to wring them and then wrap them in a towel on top of your head to let them dry.

Do you also have a good tip or trick that is not in this list? Please let us know!


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