How do I divide the different colors in my dreads?

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One or two base colours, a natural highlight, it sounds good, but how do I divide these colors to get an evenly distributed colour combination in my dread install?   Dreads

Dividing the amount of dreads

When you want to do a full install it’s recommended to divide the hair in three parts. These parts are:  The right side, the left side and the back of the head.
Also divide the amount of dreads in three when you want to install them. This will give you an even amount of dreads to use for each part on your head, which means that the end result will be a full install with the right color distribution.

I chose dreadlocks in three different colors

When you picked three different colors in an equal number divide these three colors into three parts. When using three colors, try to minimise putting the same color dreads next to each other, this will give you the best result.

I chose two basic colors and one highlight

This combination of dreadlocks is easy to divide. Use two basic color dreads alternately. Divide the highlight color in three parts. Install one of the three parts on the left side of your head, the other on the right side and the last part on the back of your head. Try to divide the placement of the highlights for the best result.

I chose 50% natural colors and 50% bright unnatural colors

It’s important that you don’t place the bright colored next to each other in the install. Especially when you have chosen multiple natural colors and/or multiple bright colors it’s recommended to divide these well. Also try to put the dreads in a color pattern so that you have the same amount of each color in your install.

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