Tips and tricks for the XL headband!

The headband XL can be worn with synthetic dreads, real dreads or normal hair. The headband is also perfect for wearing a dreadfall because it can cover your whole hair! Besides, you can also use it as a big elastic hair tie!

How do I put the Headband XL on?

Slide the headband around your head and slide it from your neck, over your face, up to your dreads. You can decide for yourself where and how the headband sits the most comfortably on your dreads.

You can wear the headband spread out, or you can tuck it up so it has a few crinkles. You can fold it once, which makes it smaller and it will also make it stand out less. It's also cool to combine multiple colors with each other, for example think about a grey headband with a colored border!

Headband XL

Headband XL for sun protection

If you wear this headband spread over your hair it’s ideal for hiding your braids or for protecting your scalp against the sun. The sections you make while installing real or synthetic dreads create new hair partings. These partings are normally not exposed to the sun and this is why you get a sunburn faster. This headband prevents this and also looks cool!

Besides this, your hair will also be lifted by the headband, this way your dreads will not touch your neck! Also read our previously published blog about: “how to take care of your dreads in the summer

Headband XL as an elastic band

The headband XL is also very useful as an elastic band! You can tie it around your dreads because the headband XL is very elastic. Due to the width of the hairband XL, the elastic will look thicker and it stands out more!

The advantage of wearing a wider band, is that your elastic won’t cut into your dreads or your hair. This will keep your dreads beautiful!  

Tips for wearing your headband!

Do you work in a kitchen, for example, and you don’t want to wash your dreads every night? A wide headband will prevent the odor of food from penetrating your dreads. This way your dreads will smell fresh for a longer amount of time!

Put your headband between some (unlighted) incense at night , or next to some lush soap. The scent will attach itself to you headband, and when you wear it the smell will also get in your dreads. This is a quick method to get nice smelling dreads!

Do you have synthetic dreads but you don’t want to get them wet each time you shower? Put your headband on and tilt your head forward slightly while you shower, this way your dreads won’t catch any water. You can read more about this in our blog about washing synthetic dreads.

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