Can I dye my synthetic dreads?

To be short, No.

Hair dye is made for real hair. The dye won’t stick to the structure of the synthetic hairs with which the dreads are made. This means that the dye will not or will barely stay on the synthetic hairs. Because it won’t stick, you’ll wash your dreads (almost) clean immediately after you’ve dyed it.

Normal hair dye will stick to Wool dreadsHowever, there’s a good chance that you won’t get the color you’d like because the dreads will absorb all the dye.

What can I do to get a different color of dreads?

Synthetic dreads made out of wool can be easily dyed. These dreads are made out of natural materials so you can dye this with fabric dye.

Synthetic dreads can also be dyed with a special dye for synthetic textile. We can not give any guarantees on the result.

How can I get a blended color or a partially different color in my dreads?

If you’re a bit creative, you can change the color of almost every dread. Your dreads will get heavier and/or thicker, but you can add all sorts of colors you like with Kanekalon Hair .

You can tease the tufts of Kanekalon Hair and wrap them around the dreadlocks. If you knot them on at certain points with a crochet hook , they’ll stay on well. After crocheting them, it’s best to steam the dreads as well. This way, the loose tufts of hair will be streamed onto your dreads.

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