How do I take care of my dreads with warmth/heat in the summer?

Super nice of course, a summery dreadlook! But is wearing synthetic dreads different in the summer than in the winter? What do you have to think of?

In this blog we’ll give you some points on how you can enjoy your dreads with warm weather!

Dreadlocks and Warmth

Synthetic dreads, but also wool dreads, can be quite warm in the summer. Specially when you are wearing it in a pigtail or a bun, it can get warm under the elastic. Unfortunately this is a downside to summer, and there is not much you can do about it.bun

But there are a few things you can take into account!

You can make a pigtail or bun without using an elastic. Without an elastic, your dreads are a bit looser. This way, they are a lot less closer to your scalp and the heat will bother you less. You can also, when you do wear an elastic, tie it a little looser so your scalp can breathe better.

You can also just wear your dreads loose, although, this will give you a warm back of the neck ;) Alternating seems to be the ideal option!

Last but not least, for the summer it’s nice to choose dreads that aren’t too heavy. It’s nice if they are light and airy. In an earlier Blog we’ve given information on this subject.

Dreads and Sun

Because your hair, while applying the dreads, has been divided into squares, part of your scalp will be exposed to sunlight.

This skin usually doesn’t see a lot of sun so it will burn faster! But applying sunscreen is a lot of work and it will make your hair greasy. How to deal with this?

Dreadshop advises to always wear a headband when you go outside with warm weather. This will cover up the partings of your hair and protect the skin. If you don’t like wearing a headband, you can also just wear it on the hottest moments of the day. Headband

This is when the sun is highest in the sky and the radiance is strongest. This is mostly between about 11am and 3pm or 12am and 4pm.

You can also apply sunscreen. To do this, it’s best to first style your hair the way you want to wear it that day. You can make a pigtail, ensuring that a lot of the squares are already covered by your dreads.

This way, you will probably only have to apply sunscreen to the first (and second) row of your dreads. To apply sunscreen to the partings, you can put a little bit of sunscreen on your finger. Smear this out over the partings, without touching too much of your hair ;)

Are you wearing a fringe on the front? You can comb this over to the back to protect the squares!

Itching while wearing your dreads

Because your scalp (while wearing dreads) will get and stay a bit warmer in the summer, you can get more itching than usually. You can prevent this by wearing your dreads a little looser. A or can help your scalp to feel fresh and cool again. Refreshing Spray

Rash on your scalp

Have you got a rash on your scalp? This can be caused by the sun, but also just because the dreads are tight. In this Blog, we explain what you can do best. Try not to spray directly on the rash, but use an.

Take a look at our infopage and blogs for more points and ways to cover up your dreads with a headband, bandana, cap or hat. 

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