Can I decolorize/Bleach my Real Dreads?

You’d love to give your Real Dreads an explosive colour, but for the best result you are advised to decolorize your dreads first. Is that wise to do with Real Dreads?

Decolourizing / Bleaching Real Dreads; Yes or No?

Decolourizing your hair is done with hydrogen peroxide which removes the pigment out of your hair. Hydrogen peroxide is, unfortunately, very bad for your hair. It makes it very dry and your hair can even break of when you use it a lot. Dreadshop’s advice is to be very careful when decolorizing your hair.

When you use peroxide on your Real Dreads, it will be taken in very quickly. The dreads will soak it up fully. This increases the chance that there will be peroxide left in your dreads after you’ve washed it out. This peroxide will keep working and can damage your dreads severely.

The outgrowth is a little ‘safer’ to decolourize as long as the bleach doesn’t get to your dreads.

Would you like to try to decolourize / bleach your Real Dreads anyway? Decoulorize and bleach

Make sure you take an as low as possible volume bleach. And don’t leave the bleach in your dreads for a long time! It’s better to decolourize three times with a low volume than once with bleach that is (too) strong.  

But how do I get my explosive coloured dreads then?

Dreadshop’s advice is to dye your own hair before you get your Real Dreads. Use a semi-permanent hair dye, this will tend to your hair and won’t damage it! So before you get your Real Dreads, decolourize and dye your own hair. After that, get your Real Dreads. The outgrowth is ‘safer’ to decolourize as we have explained before. This way, you can keep your dreads coloured!

And when your dreads start to ‘fade’, use the same colour semi-permanent hair dyewith which you dyed your hair before.


A different option is to get ‘fake dreads’. We’ve got these in every colour possible and you can easily braid them into you hair. These dreads won’t damage your Real Dreads.

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