Can I cut off my synthetic dreads?

Did you order the wrong length of dreads or are your dreads too long and are you wondering if it’s possible to cut them off? That’s a question we get asked regularly. In this blog we will answer that question.

Length of the dreads

In our range you will find various lengths of all different sorts of dreads. One of the reasons we offer a wide variety of lengths is because you cannot cut our synthetic dreads.
All of our dreads are handmade. The dreads are made with a special twist technique and the tip of the dreadlock is sealed so that the hair won’t untwist itself. Because of that it’s not possible to cut our dreads.

What happens when I cut my dreads?

When you cut a dreadlock the dread can untwist itself. The hair will start to fray and finally the dread will just turn into normal hair. By cutting the dread you will cut off the pressure of the twist in the dread, which means the dread will twist back and will fray.

   cutting off synthetic dreads   synthetische dreads afknippen

Can I fix the ends of my dreads myself?

When you cut off your dreads you can seal the tips with a hair straightener, with boiling water or with an iron. We describe how to do this on our info page: ‘sealing fake dreads’. Keep in mind that the new tip you’re creating will be a bit thicker than the original tip. This is because you’re sealing the dread at a thicker point.

Our advice for cutting off Synthetic Dreadlocks

We advise you to not cut off your dreads. This is because the dreads are not suitable for it. You can return the dreads to us if they are unused and you can order another dread length. If you can’t find the right length on our website it’s also possible to create your own dreads with Kanekalon hair. You can read all about how you can make them on this info page.

Or check the video’s our YouTube channel where we show you how you can make Dreads yourself.

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