Can I install dreads when I have a mohawk or a side/upper/undercut?

Do you have a mohawk, side-, upper- or undercut and are you wondering if you can install dreads in to it? 

Of course you can!

If the hair that you want to install dreads on is a minimal length of 6 cm or longer.

How many dreads do I need?

The amount of dreads you need depends on the thickness and volume of your hair and how big your side- upper- or undercut is.
It also depends on which kind of dreads you want to install, it’s possible to install: thin dreads, thick dreads, medium dreads or a combination of multiple sizes.

In a previously published blog we already talked about the amount of dreads you need if you have a mohawk, side-, upper-, or undercut. Read all about how many dreads you need here.  

We recently did an install on a customer with a mohawk, you can see the result here:

Not sure if your hair is long enough?

Send a picture of your hair to and ask us for advice, if you send us a picture we will be able to estimate the length of your hair and we’ll be able to give better advice. 

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