Attachment piece: sounds interesting, but what is it exactly?

There is an attachment piece in the middle of most double dreads. This attachment piece is actually a bit of “non-dreaded” hair. So you basically have a bit of “loose” hair in the middle that flows into a dreadlock from both sides. That’s how you get two dreads out of a double dread!

The attachment piece isn’t there for nothing. But what’s it for?

When you “dread” an entire double dread, you end up with a dreaded part in the middle. This is the thickest part of the dread and that’s a shame! The middle is actually the point where you attach the dread to your hair. And you certainly don’t want big knots in your hair. By not “dreading” the middle part and keeping a bit of hair loose, you end up with a smoother attachment and that ensures a much thinner attachment braid in your own hair!

If you want quality dreadlocks, you should choose dreadlocks with an attachment piece!

Attachment pieces of:

        Thin Dreads                  Thick Dreads 
Attachment piece Thin DreadsAttachment piece Thick Dreads

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