Are real dreads harmful for my hair?

There are quite a few prejudices about real dreads, people think they look sloppy or untidy. We regularly receive remarks along the lines of: Real dreads? Doesn’t that severely damage your hair?

The short answer to this is: No, real dreads are not harmful for your hair, they are made from your own hair.  Palmrolling
However taking care of and tidying your real dreads is very important! During the first months it’s recommendable to palmroll your dreads daily. Read more about this on our page: Maintaining Real Dreads

It’s not recommended to swim or make your dreads wet within the first 4 weeks of having them, if you do this it will have effect on the quality of the dreads. The hair needs time to get used to the locking process. Making them wet or washing them does not help the dreads when they are still new. When they get older washing them actually does help improve quality!

After a couple months of having your dreads we recommend you to touch up your dreads, you can let us do it at our salon, but you can also do it yourself, read all about our tips and tricks to do it yourself here: Touching up Real Dreads

You can also watch one of our vlogs about real dreads on our YouTube channel: Real Dreads Maintenance

If you don’t want your dreads anymore, don’t get a root touch up and let it grow. After a couple months you will be able to cut off your dreads and you will still have a bit of regrowth. A good hairdresser will be able to turn this regrowth into a nice new haircut. This way you don’t have to go bald!

If you don’t want your dreads anymore, but you don’t want to cut them off, you can brush them out. This is really time-consuming but it’s totally possible! This way you will keep all of your hair. When you comb out your dreads you will lose a lot of hair. Normally you lose 80-100 hairs daily, these hairs have all been locked up in your dreads and will come out when you comb out your dreads. The longer you’ve had your dreadlocks, the more loose hairs will come out and the more time-consuming it will be to comb out all of your dreadlocks.

Tip 1: Use a special to comb out your dreads.

Tip 2: Take a few days to comb out your dreads. Take the dreads you’ve already combed out and braid them in one or multiple braids. This way you will still be able to wear a fun hairdo while you comb out your dreads over the next days.


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