Am I too old to wear dreads?

We get this question a lot, am I too old to wear dreads?  am i too old to wear dreads

Of course not!

You are as young as you feel inside!

You’re never too old to wear dreads! Whether they are synthetic or whether we make real dreads from your hair, it is and will always be your hair!

What is the age range of visitors in your salon?

In our salon we have customers of various ages ranging from 6 to 50 plus! Many of these customers visit our shop regularly and when they come back they pick another set that is, for example, in theme with the current season. For example happy bright colors in the summer and warm shades in the winter.

A lot of customers feel younger when they wear dreads, especially when they wear a few colored ones or when they combine their dreads with a fun headband or bandana!

Be yourself and get dreads!

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