Dread Conditioning

When you wear Dreads a proper care of your scalp is very important. You will find different products in our assortment that you can use for caring for your Dreadlocks or scalp.
Our products from different brands are based on natural products, this is perfect for your Dreadlocks. Take a look at our other products for your real Dreads, like shampoos or locking products.
Care for your Dreads and your scalp with one of our conditioning products!

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  1. Dollylocks Refreshening Spray
    Dollylocks Refreshening Spray
    As low as A$34.99
  2. Dollylocks Conditioning Oil
    Dollylocks Conditioning Oil
    As low as A$35.99
  3. RAW ROOTs Rescue Tonic
    RAW ROOTs Rescue Tonic
  4. Dollylocks Bee-Free Coconut Pomade
    Dollylocks Bee-Free Coconut Pomade
    As low as A$37.99

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