What can I do to prevent my Synthetic Dreads from sticking/clinging together?

You have a new set of Thick Dreads, but the Thick Dreads are sticking or clinging to each other. You don’t like that? In this blog you can find tips on what you can do about this.

Thick Synthetic DreadsComposition of Thick Dreads

Some colors of our Thick Dreads consist of combined colors of hair. We call this mixed colors. Examples of this are Dark Blonde or Grey.

The Thick dreads are a bit more loose in structure than our other dreads. Because they are more loose they give a lot more volume. By wearing Thick Dreads they will get tighter and more compact.

What can I do to prevent my dreads from sticking/clinging together?

Because they have a more loose structure, the Thick Dreads can stick/cling together more than other dreads. There is no harm in this and this is in fact normal. The mixed colors like Dark Blonde and Grey can be a bit more sticky than the single colors. By wearing them this will get less eventually, because the Thick Dreads will get a bit softer, tighter and more compact while wearing them. Eventually they will not stick/cling anymore.

After wearing them for about 2 weeks you will notice a difference already. By then the dreads will be more compact and softer, and as time goes by it will get less and less.

Can I treat my dreads against the sticking/clinging?

Yes you can treat your dreads. Before you wear them, treat your dreads with apple cider vinegar. In this blog you can read how you can do this.

If you still have sticking/clinging dreads after this treatment, you can palm roll your dreads every other day. This will help your dreads get softer and more compact faster. You don’t need any care products for this.

Do I need care products to treat my dreads?

We recommend not to use any extra products to treat your dreads. Avoid using oil, cream or wax against the sticking/clinging. The dreads will not absorb these products, but will get dirty/greasy and when you wash them you will rinse everything out again. Just the palm rolling will do.

If you do want to use a care product, use a care spray. These are less greasy and you can use them on both your Dreadlocks and scalp :).