SpiraLocks, what is it exactly?

SpiraLocks, the perfect substitute for an elastic

It’s hard to explain what a SpiraLock is. What can you compare it with? It is not an elastic, but it’s actually a stand-alone, unique item. That’s what makes it so special!
The description we use is a “Bendable Dreadlock Tie”. It’s the perfect substitute for an elastic. You can bend the SpiraLock around your dreads just as you like. That’s what makes the product so incredibly nice and unique! Your elastic doesn’t fit around your Dreadlocks anymore? A SpiraLock always fits!


A SpiraLocks always fits around your DreadLocks!

Because you can bend the SpiraLock around your dreads in any size you want, it always fits! An additional benefit is that you can also control the tightness of your ponytail, bun or updo yourself!

Materials used in SpiraLocks

A SpiraLock has an iron wire on the inside. On the outside different materials are used. Ethical wool, cotton and felt. To guarantee the quality they choose to work with high-quality materials. And in all kinds of different colors and patterns. All limited editions and therefore even more unique!

SpiraLocks come in different sizes

Because not all Dreadlocks have the same size, some people have partial Dreadlocks, or a full head with a massive volume, SpiraLocks are available in different sizes.

40 cm for Thin to Medium Dreads or new Real Dreads
50 cm for Medium to Thick Dreads and Real Dreads that are starting to mature
60 cm for Thick Dreads. The extra length is also perfect for making creative updos.


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