How to make the right sectioning for your Synthetic Dread install

You want to wear a nice set of dreads, but how do you section your hair right?
We will give you more information about it in this blog.

Where do I start: At the neck or at my forehead?

A lot of people who install dreads start at the hairline in your neck. The advantage of this is that the dreads that you’ve already finished installing won’t fall over the part where you still need to install them. In our Salon we also work that way.
However, when installing Dreadlocks yourself, we prefer to start at the hairline on the forehead. This part is the most visible so you want the separation to be nice and tidy. That’s why we will explain in this blog how to install dreads, starting at the hairline on your forehead.

The first choice

One important first choice, before you decide how you want to part your hair, is whether you want to wear your hair parted in the middle. Do you choose to part your hair in the middle then your dreads will also have a parting in the middle when you wear a ponytail or when you wear them down. 

Do you rather want your dreads to have an even distribution? Then don’t part your hair in the middle during sectioning.

Wearing dreads parted in the middle

When you choose to wear your dreads with a parting in the middle you will have to start by making that parting. To make that parting in your hair you can use the (pin tail comb). Make equally big sections on each side of the parting and install your dreads on each side. When you installed dreads on each side of the parting you can continue with installing the dreads on the rest of your hair.


Wearing dreads without a parting in the middle

When you choose to wear your dreads without a parting in the middle you make the first section in the middle of the hairline on your forehead (to part it right in the middle follow the lines of your nose and make the separation there). Install one dread.


You can find different install techniques for your dreads here.

After you installed your dread in the middle make a section next to it. Did that work? Then make the third section behind the two previous sections. Do not align the sections with the two front sections but place your third section on the half of the two sections. This will give the nicest result. You can install the rest of your dreads this way. You can compare this way of installing dreads with a brick wall. The sections have to look like the pattern of the brick wall.  

Brick Wall      Sectioning-Synthetic-Dreadlocks

Do you have bangs?

If you have bangs or a fringe then install the dreads in a straight line behind your fringe/bangs. You can choose to wear a parting in the middle or not to wear a parting at all. When you do want a parting make the parting first and then install your dreads. If you don’t want a parting then you have to install your dreads in a brick like pattern.